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This coffee is a premier blend of Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans (Medium Roast Arabica Bean roasted in Lancaster, PA) with Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps mushrooms. This blend promotes brain health, increases overall body recovery, creates sustained long-term energy and countless other long-lasting positive health effects. (5 Servings)

Earth Coffee (Sample Pack)

  • One hearty spoonful of our craft blend for every 10-14 Oz of water.


    Or for the ones who truly love coffee.  The serving size is 13.75 g.


    Our coffee blend is able to be brewed in a Keurig, Drip Coffee Machine or French Pressed.  Whichever your favorite way to consume is, we support!


    This sample bag holds a total of 39.75 g.

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